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Located north of Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood, this project was a design collaboration with the owners who asked us to reimagine their existing mature landscape into a more environmentally sensitive garden. We took cues from the structural elements present in their garden and through careful editing we developed a series of outdoor spaces that are arranged along a central pedestrian path that stretches from the street, through the house, and terminates at a heritage Live Oak tree.

Beginning at the street we removed the existing paving, thirsty boxwood hedges and lawn. Emphasis is placed on the textural quality of a trio of Cork Oaks set simply within bark mulch against a crisp white wall. A new gravel sidewalk was added along the street which leads to new concrete steps and pavers that seem to float about the ground. Steel walls define a raised sculpture court that provides a dramatic entry sequence as guests walk under the canopy of six evergreen trees that relate directly to the interior spaces of the house.

The new event lawn was reduced in size to form a proportionate shape with defined edges. It relates formally to the adjacent guest house and entertaining areas. Custom designed steel tree wells incorporate the existing Beech trees located adjacent to the swimming pool. Ornamental grasses were planted beneath the heritage Live Oak tree to recall the native California grasslands that were once here. A new lighting design was installed throughout the property, providing a dramatically different experience after dark.

Brentwood, CA

Landscape Contractor
Michael Blodgett

Marian Brenner

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