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This estate is located on a gently sloping, 2 acre property peppered with native Oak and Sycamore trees. It is the second landscape that SBLA has created for this growing family. The owners are from South Africa, which shares a similar climate to that of southern California, and we love the idea of bringing low water use plant materials that they grew up with into this garden to share with their young grandchildren.

We developed a path system that encircles the property to link the various program elements and to take advantage of the breadth of the property. There are play areas, meadows, swings from the mature Valley Oak trees, a vegetable garden, an extensive fruit tree orchard, a putting green, picnic areas, and large terraces for entertaining. A big sweep of California Sycamore trees, with their sculptural white trunks traverses the site and visually links the property. We collaborated with Belzberg Architects to ensure that the house and garden spaces are intertwined. Many of the interior spaces will feature views directly into tree canopies like being in a treehouse. The hardscape materials recall the color and texture of the soil in these hills. This is a quintessential California landscape with a South African twist. It reflects an appreciation of the California climate and quality of light with their strong sense of family and gracious living.

Los Angeles, CA

Belzberg Architects

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Marion Brenner

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