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This landscape is a true reflection of the owners who have a large family and entertain frequently. Every part of this property is utilized and the gardens have an expansive quality despite the relatively small size and close proximity to neighbors. We surrounded the site with fast-growing bamboo and California Pepper trees, both of which bend in the breeze and allow filtered light into the garden. We arranged the garden like a house with a series of outdoor spaces that are connected to each other, yet each maintaining a unique character that’s appropriate to its function. The main outdoor area is located adjacent to the living room and consists of a swimming pool, terraced lounge and dining areas and a spa set within lush planting. Adjacent to that is a crisp rectangular event lawn that’s surrounded by a gravel path and a lush border of unusual plant combinations based on their textures, color and scents. Outdoor sculptures have been curated for the garden and are placed at transition points between the outdoor rooms. A raised entertainment pavilion has large sliding panels that open onto the garden like ship. The owners have retained SBLA to design the landscape for their new estate, currently under construction a few miles away.

Los Angeles, CA

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